Christian Performace Group - Youth In Praise


"a place where teens can find talent and self esteem"

- CBS WUSA9 Eye Witness News

"The best of Maryland" 
- Six Flags America

"the best the state of Maryland has to offer in entertainment" 
- John Erzen / Staff Writer -The Sentinel Newspapers 

"helping youngsters 'step' into Bible studies through artistic activities"
- The Gazette Newspaper

"a place where I know my friends AKA cousins are there for me"
- Christa 13 (Member)

"wonderful group of children ...our Vice President & General Manager very impressed" 
- Comcast 

"Good job"
- The Brown & Mom Joyce

"performances have done so well that other churches are trying to start similar groups" 
- The Baltimore Afro-American Newspaper 

"the ministry is important to me because I get away from my problems and meet new people"
- Ashley 13 (Member) 

"Through their outreach program, youth are not only affecting others, but growing as fine individuals in our society".
- Sonia Amir, Miss Maryland 2000 

"The ministry... means using... talents that God gave me to witness to people young and old".
- Kim 16 (Member) 

"When people say youth are out there in the streets, there are several who chose to celebrate in a sacred way..."
- The Prince George's Journal

"Absolutely beautiful children! What a great performance! Praise God! Thank you!"
- youtube fan 

"I've been blessed by your ministry for quite a while, and just needed to say what an anointed blessing you are, and what an inspiration you are to our team. I pray your strength and perfect guidance in the Lord." 
- Chosen By Christ Ministries 

"It made a difference in their attitudes toward school. ... My youngest is really excited." 
- Tracy McIntosh, YIP Parent

"a place where youth can have fun and learn about God".
- Matt 14 (Member) 

"Youth In Praise showcase their talents and give back to the community"
- Superior Court Of The District Of Columbia 

"Ministry of Movement"
-The Prince George's Gazette 

"Before the ministry, I had a life without much meaning"
- Mikey 16 (Member)

- Jana Richardson, Hechts Company 

"God sent" 
- Ajee 12 (Member)

"beautiful God bless you and may the Lord continue to use you for His glory."
- youtube fan 

"Never before did we have an outside group come in to help us affirm our faith You came with Youth In Praise and helped us to begin to reshape our family reunion behavior. You helped us to praise God together" 
- Chaplain Edco Bailey / Shady Grove Hospital

"a sense of belonging".
- Tiana Woolard 14 (Member) 

"your help make it possible for our citizens and residents to experience the wonderful diversity of our county" 
- Jack Johnson, County Executive - Prince Georges County, Maryland 

"the ministry is one of the best things to happen to me"
- Iesha (Member) 

"Youth In Praise is a wonderful way to get the youth involved in their community. It also allows youth to get a little closer to their dreams".
- Lark Pile (Member) 

"You are all fantastic!"
- youtube fan